Jess Wind, President

Jess teaches communications at the University of the Fraser Valley and is an editor at Raspberry. She has an M.A. from Carleton University, a B.A. from UFV, and enough zombie research to survive the apocalypse. She’s a pop-culture nerd, a retro-loving geek, and a writer of many things. She also shares a birthday with Harry Potter.

Dessa Bayrock, Secretary

Red Press Secretary, Dessa Bayrock

Dessa has two English degrees, a passion for book reviews, and not enough coffee. By day, she is a PhD student at Carleton University, where she studies book prizes and gnashes her teeth over the state of CanLit. She lives 5000 kilometres away from the rest of the board members, and is a self-described Google Hangouts prodigy. You can find her, or, at least, more about her, at

Aymee Leake, Treasurer

Aymee is a graduate of the visual arts program at UFV, and a staunch arts advocate in Abbotsford. She has been an enthusiastic administrator and coordinator in a variety of organisations, including the Abbotsford Arts Council and a number of galleries. In 2016, she was nominated for the Christine Caldwell Outstanding Arts Advocate award. She’s quirky, passionate, and patently hilarious.

Lian McIntyre, Member-At-Large

Lian is a graduate of UFV with a Bachelor of Arts in English which ultimately led to her current job as a legal administrative assistant. New to the world of non-profits, Lian is passionate about cultivating social engagement in the community and about giving artists, writers and other creators a platform for their work. Lian is a voracious consumer of all things media and a self-proclaimed armchair critic.

Katie Stobbart, Executive Director

Katie is the founding editor of Raspberry Magazine and the heart and soul behind Red Press Society. By day she organizes many things as executive assistant at Abbotsford Community Services, by night she organizes many things as DM to a bumbling party of adventurers in D&D. You can find her writing, painting, or tending to her apartment jungle.